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10-25-2012, 01:18 PM
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I'm as frustrated with the incompetence of the NHL and the PA to reach an agreement since:
a) They have good and capable negotiators who can smartly craft a deal beneficial to both parties
b) This has become a stalemate, which is immature and insulting to fans (they say they care about fans, but they'd rather act like children for something that can be easily resolved)
c) Too much pride and rancour involved and not enough harmony. I generally respect hockey players as the having the most loyal and humble personalities compared to other sports. Not anymore.

That said, I won't deny that when it's back I'll be full force re-addicted to the Habs. Our allegiance will soon spring up after the first game where we dissect every play that happened and I don't believe for a second that when we play the leafs or bruins, us Habs fans will not be watching an very engaged. It's the nature of fandom. I also feel like I don't care right now, but when they come back (whenever that is), I'll be sporting the bleu-blanc-rouge. I do know others will be able to resist, but I'm just that much of a sucker, which makes me hate the players/owners that much more for taking advantage of me.

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