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Originally Posted by thomast View Post
Name an 17 year old who has been very explosive and all the time visible against men in top european league? Barkov can't take charge of the game? He is carrying his team on his shoulder right now at 17 and he has taken some games himself. He is heart and soul of that team and at times he is very hard to stop. He has shown that that he can be dominant player in the game but he is barely 17 and playing against men in the top european league filled with NHL players. Barkov is more visible and dominant offensively than Granlund in his post draft year in FEL at his 18-19 year old season. Not to forget that Barkovs two way game is much better in every possible way.

I'm currently watching Ristolainen and Mikko Koivu. Even Koivu can't dominate this league like he wants. Of course he has break from playing but he is an #1 center of his team and has alot of other NHL players on his team. Barkov has 5points in 2 games against the team that Mikko Koivu plays against now and has 2 goals (which he scored when i wrote this message) but have been quite invisible. Not stating that Barkov is better than Mikko Koivu right now or Mikko Koivu is in 100% shape but if Barkov is capable of doing it at age of 17 it is very impressive. Your statement are stupid if we take age and the level of game into discussion. He isn't playing against kids...
I think you are missing the point, and honestly, I am grouping you and Loffler in the same group as posters I try not to take too seriously because both of you are so adamant on your points, its hard to distinguish the reason from the emotion.

Look, I never said Barkov can't or won't, I will repeat for the third time, I haven't seen him play yet so I won't comment on his ability. I have Barkov at #3 on my personal rankings.

But can we please skip the "he's so great" talk. You are not the only one that knows how great this kid is. It is very obvious. What I am trying to do is to get you to start creating some meaningful conversation where we can identify his flaws.

We know he's big, we know he is ripping the men's league, we know he's super skilled. To me, all of that is not of interest because thats not where it gets interesting. What gets interesting is where can he improve...

So, again, if I can rifle through all the holy and doom talk, I find posters saying he isn't the best skater and that he lacks explosiveness. Is that correct?

EDIT: I apologize if I come off rude, but I'm really just frustrated not finding any reasonable talk about his flaws. It is all "he's amazing!" or "his stats will drop...". No prospect is perfect, Tavares had average skating, Hall played a reckless style, RNH was weak at the time, Yakupov wasn't physical enough and average defensively etc.

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