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10-25-2012, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by SuperGenius View Post
The small minded will never be happy with this deal, or that it was done without a 'vote'

Never mind the facts, never mind the details, they'll just use buzzwords like bailout and 'taxpayer dollars' to fuel their agenda.

It kind of surprises me that DBJ would do a post like this, essentially 'retweeting' what another media type mentioned. This other media type has never been particularly shy about his tepid feelings about the arena deal. IMO, the only reason he mentioned it at all is because he believes in it. Not sure why DBJ would assist. Honestly, the effort doesn't deserve the time of day, IMO.
It's funny to think that this is the worst thing imaginable, when:

1) The state of Ohio floated $15 million to Ohio State for "architectural surveys/studies" for Value City Arena, but rejected $1 million for feasibility studies to see if a non-campus arena would be doable.

2) Huntington Park was unilaterally decided on behind closed doors, without a public referendum, with no apparent backlash. And it was put right next to an arena and district that the city/county never really wanted in the first place.

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