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Originally Posted by danccchan View Post
I think you are missing the point, and honestly, I am grouping you and Loffler in the same group as posters I try not to take too seriously because both of you are so adamant on your points, its hard to distinguish the reason from the emotion.

Look, I never said Barkov can't or won't, I will repeat for the third time, I haven't seen him play yet so I won't comment on his ability. I have Barkov at #3 on my personal rankings.

But can we please skip the "he's so great" talk. You are not the only one that knows how great this kid is. It is very obvious. What I am trying to do is to get you to start creating some meaningful conversation where we can identify his flaws.

We know he's big, we know he is ripping the men's league, we know he's super skilled. To me, all of that is not of interest because thats not where it gets interesting. What gets interesting is where can he improve...

So, again, if I can rifle through all the holy and doom talk, I find posters saying he isn't the best skater and that he lacks explosiveness. Is that correct?
I have to say I agree with you a lot here. We need more reasonable conversation.

To answer your question, it's correct that he's not the best skater. However he's improved in that area by quite a bit from last year; his skating is actually quite smooth, it doesn't look edgy at all. He definately lacks explosiveness in his first few steps. Once he gets going he usually is pretty fast, but on the other hand he doesn't get to that speed very often because he very inoften uses his full speed.

I think the biggest problem (might not be a problem per se, but more of a playing style perhaps) is that he doesn't play a high velocity game. He doesn't play with a motor. It's perhaps something he can start incorporating into his game once he develops more physically, and also something that can maybe affected by a different, more active mindset. Thats not to say that he's passive, quite on the contrary, as he plays 2-ways very well. But what I would like to see from him more from time to time is more of a "killing" mindset. Kind of like what Mikko Koivu brings from time to time. If I could see that develop in Barkov I would be VERY pleased.

It might be that he's still got some teenaged shyness in him, idk.

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