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Originally Posted by TAnnala View Post
If this means what i think it does i don't buy it. Ov was clear cut best or top-3 player for a stretch of 5 years not for 1 or 2. You don't do that by taking advantage of one trick. You honestly think that Ovechkin magically exploited some weird shooting trick for half decade and suddenly people just realized and got on to him? Sounds made up.
Your exaggerating my claim but you do get my point. Ovechkin had those 3 years where he had the NHL by the balls. He came into the NHL and played his game for 2 years, learned the game at this level, than played it even moreso to his strengths. His first 2 years his avgs were just below 50goals and just below 100pts. Reasonable for a Rookie superstar.

The next 3 years, domination no doubt, but look at the flow of his goal scoring totals. 65 - Kills the league. 56- Where he should be at a regular basis, still trying his pony move and its still working for him, the next season he gets 50, still good but he quickly trended down from 65 to 50. Thats a big margin.

The following year he cant even get 40 but its clear hes still an elite hockey player, the assists were still coming and he was still great, just not his goal scoring totals. I attest that to for those 3 yrs, he was a 'one dimensional goal scorer' - it demeans his game Ill admit, but that low laser was something nobody really ever tries, and it was working like crazy for him, how could he not fall in love with it. And than you have last year. I think that was a product of lost confidence.

Statistically I see Ovechkin being that guy he was in his first 2 years when he get it together. A guy like Stamkos however, thats someone I think were going to see hit 60 goals quite a few times. Ovechkin will be a step above Kovalchuk but under Stamkos, when this lockout ends.

Trust my crystal ball

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