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10-25-2012, 03:18 PM
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I think all of these defensemen are great and are elite. However, I think Karlsson has the best POTENTIAL out of them.

Obviously, Karlsson is such an exceptional offensive player. But he has some underrated defensive abilities. He was kinda weak defensively until last year when he put on some muscle and worked on his defensive game.

Karlsson has made great strides into becoming a premier defenseman.
Yes, he will never be an intimidating defenseman like Pronger. But hey, Lidstrom, Pietrangelo aren't either.
Yes, he doesn't kill penalties because if he did, he would play over 35 min knowing Ottawa is one of the most penalized teams in NHL (3rd) and Ottawa desperately needs him on Even Strenght. It is strictly a coaching decision.

Truly, Karlsson's game is all about offense but his defense comes from his offensive abilities:
Breaking off a breakaway chance with his speed,
Stripping the puck from an opposing player then start the offense right away,
Block a scoring chance then fly the other way,

Finally, Pietrangelo will be an amazing defenseman (Lidstrom caliber) and Doughty will be himself (Great Defenseman) but Karlsson is something special. Karlsson may not be the best DEFENSEman but he is the most effective. He give his team whereverand whenever he's on the ice the chance to win.

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