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10-25-2012, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
I understand why Fehr wouldn't be. But the players he represents?
Because the players hired him so that they do not get bent over. And they will follow him.
That's two lost years of earnings and two lost years of playing time.
I do not disagree But I beleive that they will follow Fehr.
An owner's career on the other hand can go on for decades (just look at Dolan!) and, when it's over, the club is sold for a big cash price or left to his heirs to continue the process.

I'm not minimizing the cost to the owners, but I see a two year lockout as crippling to the players.
yes, but when the club has not brought in ANY income, value goes down Rangers are worth what? I do not recall, but lets' say between $400-500. Maybe more. If this season is canceled, the sole revenue that they bring in is from the season tickets being sold. The anciliary revenue is gone. But not teh anciliary fixed expenses. Now go to next year. Now there is not one penny from ticket sales either. Now you have an albatross of an investment and the fixed expenses that go with it, and NOTHING else. Not only that, but with two canceled seasons, the NHL will now play the last two years of the television contract completely for free.

IMO, THAT is what Fehr believes will eventually break the owners.

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