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10-25-2012, 04:39 PM
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Alfredsson is leagues better and more significant than Linden was.

Linden had his offensive peak in a higher scoring era and still only topped out at 80 points despite rarely missing games with injury. Despite playing all those years in a high scoring era, Linden retired without even sniffing 900 points in 1382 games; Alfredsson has over 200 more points in 200 fewer games. Linden was captain of the Canucks for 7 years, which is the second-longest in franchise history (Stan Smyl). Alfredsson has been captain of the Senators for 13 years out of the franchise's 20-year existence.

Alfredsson once finished top-5 in league scoring; Linden never came remotely close. Alfredsson has been to 6 all-star games to Linden's 2. Alfredsson made it onto the second all-star team into 2006, judged 2nd-best at his position; I guarantee you that Linden was never even in consideration, even at his best.

Linden had a brilliant playoff in 1994 but he didn't lead his team in playoff scoring; Pavel Bure did. Alfredsson by contrast, led the whole league in playoff goals in 2007, DOUBLING the total of his next closest teammate (Spezza and Heatley tie).

Alfredsson had a better career, better peak, and a more significant place in his franchise's history than Linden did. It's no comparison.

Holmie, I understand that you are annoyed by our fans tendency to deify Alfredsson. But that's no reason to undercut the man's accomplishments. He has had one of the finest overall careers of any forward of his generation, and he gave a consistent public face to an expansion team that was struggling to build a brand around a series of early first-round picks who just weren't cut out for the franchise player role.

Iginla is a different story. He's a clear-cut HHOFer while a guy like Alfie is borderline and Linden is a non-starter. The hardware alone seals the deal. His consistency has been lacking at times, but his accomplishments are undeniable. In the low-scoring 2004 season he won the Richard Trophy. True he only had 41 goals, but his next closest teammate was Shean freakin Donovan with 18.

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