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10-25-2012, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Minimalist View Post
I couldn't disagree with you more.

Contrary to current perceptions of Pietrangelo, when he was drafted, people questioned his defensive capabilities. Not his offensive.

How is he green? He plays some of the best defensive hockey in the NHL and he did so while putting up over 50 points.

Long term project? He is 22 years old and already widely regarded as a top 5ish dman in the NHL. He is the best player on his team (which is why the kings targeted him), he dominates the flow of the game in all 3 zones, he plays virtually mistake free hockey and does so while still putting up fantastic offensive numbers. He is everything a #1 dman is supposed to be. The only thing one could argue he lacks is physicality and aggression.

Your evaluations of him are head scratching.
From what I've seen in the endless Karlsson-Pietro threads Pietro's team seemed to perform better defensively when he was off the ice and he's "green" (they all are, really) in that he hasn't been playing for a long, long time. He has played two full seasons so let's not pretend he is a seasoned NHLer. I like Pietrangelo but give Karlsson the offensive edge (obviously) but I give Alex the edge defensively and give Doughty the overall edge.
It's baffling to think that a 22-year old male is either fully developped physically, mentally or from a positioning/leadership/zonal standpoint.

In the first Karlsson vs. Pietrangelo thread:

"Pietrangelo's offensive game is being suppressed due to his having to play with an offensive defenseman in Colaiacovo, and the poor play of the power play and the forwards as a whole. If you were to pair Pietrangelo with someone more defensively responsible, I'd expect him to hit around 45-55 pts a year at a minimum. Karlsson will be around 60-70 pts a year consistently, but won't have quite the effect in the defensive zone compared to Pietrangelo"

Can Alex carry a PP on his own? Needs to be seen.
Can he handle consistent playoff tilts? Needs to be seen.

In his favour he did have one of the higher Rel QoC on the team among defensemen.

ALso need to remember the "Hitchcock Effect" that makes a team look much, much, much better defensively in the first few years, then wears off. Will be interesting to see how he evolves. Just as Karlsson might never hit those totals again, which is why I'm not overly excited about him atm.

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