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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
Well if Fehr believes that I've got a bridge to sell him. The history of just about every single sports labor strife paints a pretty clear picture of where the leverage lies. Players do not win sports labor negotiations unless it is unintentional (see 2005 NHL CBA).

Sure, NHL owners have some fixed costs. But a lot of these costs (arena leases being the big one) can be minimized through other ways (booking more concerts/events for example). Also, as painful as it may be, the owners collectively will not be directly personally impacted to the same degree players are. A lost year of earnings for the superstar players is bad enough. But for the 50%+ of the PA that are 3rd/4th liners, enforcers, 35+ veterans, etc. a lost year of earnings is potentially disastrous.

Maybe he knows that and is just trying to get the best possible deal for the NHLPA, who continually gets no respect. At least the other PAs get something in return respect wise. Especially the MLB.

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