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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
I guess my follow up question is, if arena leases are out, what costs will really be dragging the owners down to the point of making them crack?

Labor and arena costs are the big 2. Players don't get paid, which is why some owners in the red are more than happy to keep the lights off. Arena deals probably hurt the most but can be minimized as I indicated above. Sales & Operations employees will be laid off or kept on if their teams can afford it - and if they can afford it the team is well-off enough where it's a drop in the bucket for the owners.

I agree that the biggest cost for the owners will be lost future revenues (fan support and NBC). But that will come back to the players just as bad. It will hurt a bit, sure, but I guess I just don't see where the owners are going to be financially hurting enough to crack.
The owners won't crack.

However, there is a point of pain for both sides that might facilitate a slightly better deal for the players than they have now.

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