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10-25-2012, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
If you understood things about diets and budgets, you'd know that "lard *****" typically eat crappy, cheap food that's bad for you.

Shop at stores with good, quality food, or eat at restaurants with good, quality food, and see what happens to your budget.
We do the later on a semi-regular basis, albeit less on the restaurants, and manage perfectly well on a low budget.

Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Drop the salary cap. Drop the salary floor.
Come up with a business plan to make money.

If you can't afford Crosby.. well big deal. I can't afford a Porsche.
That's life.
You recall a decade back when Chicago would make Florida look decent by comparison? If so, you would also recall their woeful stability. But yes, let us go back to a system where that could happen again. Will you blame the owners when teams begin to fold and players are now out of a job?

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