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10-25-2012, 06:29 PM
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We Don't Need an NHL Season to Have an ASG

Something occured to me today as I mused the fact that the City of Columbus is going to become yet another victim in the league and NHLPA's labor dispute--why not still have an All Star Game in Columbus?

In these difficult economic times as we struggle to get back to normal, the City could stand some revenue. As fans, we want to see hockey, even if it is just an exhibition game. What would stop a group of players from voluntarily coming to Columbus to play an exhibition game for the fans and the love of the game? If some guy can get Billy Idol to play his birthday (Google it if you haven't seen it), why can't we get 40-50 NHL players (and/or alums) to come to Columbus this winter to play an exhibition game as was promised to us last winter?

Keep in mind that during prior lockouts the players have in fact come together to play exhibition games--the 1994-95 lockout in particular had several All-Star teams who played a series of games wearing NHLPA jerseys. No reason it couldn't be done again with all money going to charity.

The only real impediment I see is venue. I'd suspect that Nationwide is out. Does the deal between OSU and the Jackets preclude the Schott? What other hockey venues in Central Ohio could fit over 1,000 people?

We've often got the short end of the stick as a fanbase--missing the #1 pick in a year we were dead last, not seeing a playoff victory thus far, players pouting to be traded, etc. The way I see it, the hockey gods owe us one.

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