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10-25-2012, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Samcanadian View Post
Well, Raonic has quite a bit of potential. He might be the guy that other countries go "If Raonic was a guarantee put me down for four tickets, but from the sounds of it's a crap shoot if he plays" some day.
Now I don't claim to be ANY kind of Tennis expert, but Roanic will need VAST improvement in his overall game to be that kind of player, IMO. He seems to play very similiar to France's Tsonga who is top 10 in the world, but really no threat to move to top 5. Both are huge vicous servers, but have very little else to their games. It's why that Olympics game went on like 25-30 sets or whatever it was. Neither have much else besides serve.

It is a world of difference to watch the agility, speed, and placement of shots of a Djokovic compared to Roanic. He has great power, which can overpower opponants at times, but in reality it's hard to say whether his all around game will ever allow him to be top player like Djokovic (his all around game with never be what Djokovic's is, IMO, best player outside of serving), Feder, Nadal, Murray or be a top 5 player. He is my favourite player since he is Canadian, but really he just does not have the skills of the others all around, IMO...

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