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10-25-2012, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Atomos2 View Post
Please tell me you're joking. If Vancouver is the goalie graveyard then Luongo and Schnieder are vampires. How does a goalie graveyard have two elite goaltenders? Both of them have thrived and been relatively successful there. If you don't think Toronto is the place where goalies go to die, ask Gustavsson, Toskala, Raycroft, Giguere, Pogge, Aubin, and more. The fact that Toronto hasn't kept a decent goaltender since Belfour more than proves its tougher to play there than in the place where they have two maybe even three top goaltenders if you include mister Lack.
Alex Auld
Murray Bannerman
Martin Brochu
Richard Brodeur
Gary Bromley
Bruce Bullock
Sean Burke
Frank Caprice
Jacques Caron
Dan Cloutier
Ed Dyck
Ken Ellacott
Bob Essensa
Mike Fountain
Troy Gamble
George Gardner
John Garrett
Glen Hanlon
Johan Hedberg
Rick Heinz
Corey Hirsch
Charlie Hodge
Arturs Irbe
Jason LaBarbera
Ken Lockett
Roberto Luongo
Drew MacIntyre
Cesare Maniago
Bob Mason
Dave McClelland
Steve McKichan
Kirk McLean
Rob McVicar
Alfie Michaud
Tyler Moss
Mika Noronen
Maxime Ouellet
Félix Potvin (old)
Andrew Raycroft
Curt Ridley
Dany Sabourin
Curtis Sanford
Cory Schneider
Corey Schwab
Petr Skudra
Gary Smith
Garth Snow
Kevin Weekes
Steve Weeks
Kay Whitmore
Dunc Wilson
Wendell Young

In the last 40 years. Right now we are "stacked" but we have not had an elite goalie since luongo, It was torture.

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