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10-25-2012, 09:40 PM
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Not sure if some of these tweets were mentioned on here today, but damn, they're funny.

Fact: Not 1 NHL player would accept immediate pay cut. Demonize Fehr all you want, your perception not reality.
Really? That's a fact? Not 1 player....not a single player? Prove it. I give Darren Dreger a lot of credit for pointing out how silly Walsh's comment was. Dreger's response...

That's like saying not 1 owner is willing to honour existing contracts. There are men on both sides ready to end this.
Dreger was making a point (and proving Walsh's foolishness) by tying this back to a previous tweet from Walsh.

If Bettman put the NHLPA proposals today before ALL NHL owners for a vote, we would be heading to training camps tomorrow.
Walsh must be pretty busy considering that he talks daily with every player and owner.

And to Derek Roy....oh you poor, suffering NHL baby.

So loud when I start it that it sets off car alarms in parking garages haha
Thanks for bragging about your ride during a time when you guys are crying about not getting paid enough. I'm sure the real victims (club/arena employees, businesses, and the fans) appreciate it.

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