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Originally Posted by Peekay Zubban View Post
Im moving to St-Henri from the Mile-End in december. St-Antoine/Atwater. Its not that bad is it?
I was there like 10 years ago, and it was already getting better... but I wouldn't go back to what it was then. I've heard it's continued to get better and is now decent, but I haven't been able to verify that myself. I mean, it wasn't HORRIBLE or anything and nothing untoward ever occurred to us directly, but it was still being in proximity to a variety of things I'd rather not be in proximity to lol. I grew up and have lived in NYC at various moments of my life, and I have friends in the Bronx... I'm not a giant wuss who's afraid of shadows or anything, but hearing gunshots from a few blocks away just isn't all that cool. It happened a few times and there are definitely some shady types.

One of our neighbors beat the ever-living crap out of the other (he deserved it, was apparently beating his gf) which was interesting. There were a few massive drug busts/raids on our block... like 15 cop cars (srsly) blocking the whole area for hours. Our neighbor across the back alley had two big pitbulls who'd periodically escape and roam around scaring everyone. They knew me so I would actually bring them back to him, but he was usually too drunk to notice/care. They'd kill cats all the time, too. We had a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler with us, and I'm just gonna say I was happy we did. It'd have been a much different experience for us without them, in terms of freedom (going out to buy smokes at night, say) and just general confidence. No one bothers you if you have big dogs. A lot of people in the area did.

But you know, that was my little area. Some looked better, though some worse... and it's been a while. St-Antoine/Atwater is fine I'd think, I was more West deep into it whereas you'll be right at the beginning, and ten years is enough time for a lot to change. Enjoy New System (local St-Hubert chicken imitation), I miss their little orange cars of goodness sometimes, lol. I'd love to have them here... especially the 7 days a week delivery to like 2am. So damn convenient! And March Atwater of course, so much more awesome than a regular grocery store.

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