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10-25-2012, 09:45 PM
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Originally Posted by ClasslessGuy View Post
I had to wait 20-30 min for the owner. Not a lot of noise outside arround 8:30-9:30 at night. Everybody was home in the appartment over us and we didn't hear a thing.

Owner runs a credit check, reference check, don't want any animals at all. He ask if we were quiet because he never had a problem with any other resident. I felt like it was a good building.

Outside is ugly but inside they just putted 30 000$ in the 4 1/2. For the price and size it's really nice. 10-15 min walk from the metro. 5 min from the crossfit gym!
Sounds good. You're a Francophone? Sounds silly, but I think it's better to be Francophone than Anglophone in Longueuil in a lot of places. People will treat you/react to you differently. I say this as an 50/50 American/Francophone who speaks French perfectly with zero accent, just like a born Quebecer. I've noticed the impact it can have in certain areas. All that aside... are you a beer lover? You'll wanna know this place:

Looks like a normal crappy dep at first glance, but the backstore is glorious for a beer lover. As glorious as you're gonna get outside of the city anyway.

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