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10-25-2012, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by pigpen65 View Post
When you factor in that Leino only had one good year his entire life by the time he was 28, and that the Sabres signed him to play a position he didn't even play, the Leino contract is the worst in the league by far. There is no logical explanation for the Leino contract.
Um, no.

Furthermore, AT THE TIME of the signing, let me repeat this for you so maybe there's a bigger chance it sinks in.... AT THE TIME of the signing, there was sound logic (albeit risky but not illogical) to signing a player who had a good season and a real good playoffs to a longer contract, especially since the Sabres were competing with other clubs trying to get him. In addition to that he was the second most attractive forward behind Brad Richards.

Again, for a third time ... AT THE TIME it wasn't a terrible free agent signing.

In hindsight, so far with 1/6th of his contract played, yes, the Leino signing isn't a very good one. 5/6ths still need to be played for a better educated opinion.

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