Thread: Goalies: Pants? Helmet?
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10-25-2012, 10:08 PM
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no, and no

goalie pants have way more protection if you wear skater's pants you will get hurt a lot.

as for combo mask, if you MUST go combo, you will have to

1. find the right helmet, it has to be one with limited flat spots and soft foam (the new hard foam helmets will not work). helmets that fit the bill are
- jofa 280/281/282 helmets aka the ones that irbe and hrudey wore
- jofa 390 or the new rbk 3k
- cooper sk2000 cloutier and osgood wore these

if you find one of the above mentioned helmets, you have to make sure the plastic is not brittle and the foam is still soft, these helmets were made way back in the 90s so it is very hard to find one in good shape. but you have no other choice cause those are pretty much the only helmets that will deflect a puck properly, the new ccm/bauer helmets will result in a concussion because they will take the impact of the puck directly.

another option for the helmet is to order a combo helmet from Shawn at Custom Made Masks or Sean at Olympia Composites. they are fibreglass and kevlar remake models of the sk2000, they are more protective than the old plastic bucket but they are about 350 and 600 dollars to buy respectively.

2. get a proper goalie cage and not a cage for skaters
goalie cages are made of better metal and better welds, skater cages might just give out on you. not safe

goalie cage options are
hm30 bird cage - the ones that cloutier and osgood wore
hm50 cage - hasek wore this
jofa 262/274 - irbe/hrudey style
jofa 387 - safest combo cage but visibility poor
jofa 267 - soderstrom cage

if you cant find the original version of these cages, warwick, olympia composites, rey (in czech republic), all make these cages now but they are way more expensive, you'd be looking at 100 dollars plus for any of them

3. get a really rreally good neck guard

two words : maltese gel combo

your neck is going to be a lot more exposed in a combo bucket than it would be in a mask, you need a good neck guard, the plastic dangler does nothing, it will shatter on a slap shot. maltese combo would be the only thing that would make me feel safe if i was still wearing a combo today (i used to be a combo wearer but have since jumped to the dark side)

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