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10-25-2012, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
I don't know but the owners have come down 7% from what they originally wanted,
Saying you'll take less than you're original demand still isn't a concession or an indication of good faith.

if the players wanted better revenue sharing offering what I said (50-50 with better revenue sharing) would have been a great counter as either the owners would waive better revenue sharing and settle around 54% or they fix it and take 50-50.
So rather than doing what best for the league and increase revenue sharing amongst themselves regardless, the owners would rather stick it to the players. Yep, that seems like an appropriate way to summarize their actions thus far.

Besides, an immediate 50-50 split means existing contracts take a hit and that's a non-starter from the PA's point of view. The owners have indicated a willingness to honour the contracts they signed, but only if the players pay for it themselves out of their own share.

The owners want 1 year to get to 50-50 the players want 5+ years to get 50-50 unless the players came up with a way to get 50-50 in say 2-3 years the owners won't care.
The players suggest five years while Bettman demanded one. Again, what's stopping Bettman from a proposing a staggered fall? Is his ego too big to accept anything less than an outright win for the league and an outright loss for the PA?

Given that the players have no desire to see their percentage of HRR decrease, what incentive do they have of proposing that? Why should the onus be on them to facilitate the salvation of the league's lesser teams? Recalling the history of the last lockout, when the PA made a major concession in the form of an across the board 24% rollback of all contracts, the league pocketed the offer and said thanks for the gift, but you're still locked out and we still want a cap. The owners are going to have to make a real concession to get things started.

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