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10-26-2012, 01:39 AM
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Bell was talking about eliminating an Anglo Station for a French one, when we know in Montreal we should have both. One language should never lose at the cost of another, besides they were going to dump 30 stations across Canada, that 1 Sports Station in Montreal had nothing to do with final decision! or Corporate greed! They thought about all the Canadians that were going to lose their jobs!

Just the way we see it in our City. it wasn't about TSN, it was about them taking over Canada, we would be charged up the arse

Radio is all about the little guys voice, always has been! Nobody ever said that anyone can't open another sports radio station in Montreal in French, just Sports is not 24/7 Hockey!. Just to be honest in Anglo, we talk 24 hours about all sports even USA College basketball, that's why it works in English.

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