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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
The Devils aren't doing all that great. They're in debt, and they still don't have a sizable fan base comparable to the Rangers or Flyers (their main business competition).

The Devils moved further away from MSG, the Islanders moved significantly closer to MSG. To a place that has a sizable amount of Rangers fans, a bitter rival, those people and their children are very doubtful to change to Islanders fans. They're in debt. And have been to the playoffs once since the last lockout.

The Rangers are one of the top profitable teams in the NHL. They have always been since their conception, while the Islanders and Devils are among the least profitable.

Its a Rangers dominated market. Always has been and always will be. Despite a combined total of 7 Stanley Cup Championships to 1 in the last 26 years. The Rangers control the market through that sort of success by their neighbors.

And what sort of success would the Islanders need to take any sizable portion of the Rangers market from them? As if the Rangers won't continue to be as good or better of a product and continue to grow their fan base and market as well. Since 2005 I've created 6 brand new Ranger's fans on my own. Wife, kids, friends...not counting how many since childhood...

There are a lot of what ifs.

There is no doubt the Islanders got themselves a decent new arena. However, its location is not ideal for them. And they will always have a steep uphill battle.

Again, 7 Cups to 1, and we are still talking about hypotheticals, because its still a Rangers dominated market.

What if the Rangers win the Stanley Cup soon.
Once again, never said the Debbies are doing great with their fanbase.

But, they are still doing considerably better now than when they were in the Meadowlands. And for a team in a city that's just 1/4 white(there are twice as many blacks in Newark as whites overall) they are on solid enough footing under their circumstances of being in the area.

As for the Isles, Brooklyn has about as many people as Nassau & Suffolk combined with a tremendously greater population density, vastly better mass transit options, & roughly half the borough's population is white. They'll be fine.

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