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10-26-2012, 12:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Erik Estrada View Post
Some questions on this initiative:

1-Is it helping to give exposure to and market a rival league?
2-Will it help this rival league to get more money from sponsors?
3-Is it financing in any way this rival league?
4-Will it indirectly fund locked out players?
5-Will it attract more locked out players to a rival league?
etc, etc...

1. Yes. MSG isn't exactly OLN when it got started...
2. Not sure. Sponsors want eyeballs in the market where they sell things.
3. Some money may trickle back through rights fees, but if it's just a limited number of games, that may not be that much.
4. Same as 3.
5. It adds legitimacy to another league.

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