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10-26-2012, 12:52 AM
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Originally Posted by jaeger View Post
No, they do not. I could go on all day educating people about hockey tactics, but this thread is about a single player so I won't do that. BUT you obviously don't have a clue when an attack actually starts. An attack starts when a team gets the puck from the other team either in the neutral zone or defensive zone. After that, it's the first pass the determines what kind of attack will it be.

Actually for a team to have even one third of their attacks controlled ones would already be high. So nope, Tappara doesn't start "99% of their attack with very slow controlled" ones. Not a single team in the world has even half of their attack controlled.
Maybe i didn't mean exactly 99% of their starts. But i can tell you that Tappara have been starting most of their attacks with slow attacks. Maybe slow controlled attack was an wrong word to describe? I've been watching most of tapparas game this year.

Good debate about tappara fans frustrated about slow attacks and i fully agree with them.

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