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10-26-2012, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by CN_paladin View Post
This form of social entitlement who has driven EU's economy to the ground is clearly gaining traction here in NA. "Businesses have the moral obligations to guarantee my contract in its entirety even though it's struggling to stay afloat (half of the league). I hate Trump but I'd repeat his one liner "you are fired"!

Why won't the government pass some law prohibiting the layoffs next? The next thing you know the unemployment will hit 20% because of business' fear of getting stuck with bad employees forever! See Spain!
Which is why Germany, with broadly similar social policies, is an economic behemoth right now and the UK with fairly liberal employment policies has been one of the hardest hit. Meanwhile fire-at-will US recovery has been weak.

The Euro crisis is only tangentially related at best to what you are talking about.

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