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10-26-2012, 06:14 AM
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Originally Posted by gstommylee View Post
Well it doesn't take long when they got a idiot environmental lawyer that also happens to be on the payroll of the union/port also aganist it.

In their minds that just cause city/county had a vote that its violating Sepa/EIS. Doesn't matter what the vote is for just that there was a vote. And they are crying foul.

Mondays vote was NOT to approve the building it was to start the EIS/SEPA process where Hansen pays for it and Hansen can start looking for a NBA team and a NHL owner.

If they are right that the arena will cause doomsday for the port then they the hell would they sue they would just let the EIS/SEPA process do the talking. Its not gonna show that the arena will cause doomsday and they know that hence why they are suing.

The 2nd vote (term sheet) will give the okay or not based on EIS/SEPA on providing the public funds and giving the okay to build the building pending on a NBA team being secured.

The union/lawyer refuse to read/understand the entire agreement from the first page to the last page. It doesn't follow their agenda.
Great post!!! Threat of/actual lawsuit is all grandstanding on the part of port for pubic opinion and nothing more. Waster of court time IMO.

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