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10-26-2012, 06:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Kostansin 46 View Post
Yeah a company that invents the phone. Builds cellphone towers everywhere in Canada to make sure you get your phone, hfboards, general internet, e-mails, etc. on high speed internet anywhere you are (including wi-fi in McDos and Tim Hortons), send satellites in space to bring you TV, builds a super modern fiber optic network to bring you the best TV quality and internet speed in the WORLD is a **** company.
Yes, it is a terrible company. It has been ripping off Canadians for the services they provide and pushing out any competition through backdeals with the CRTC for decades. You're probably far too young to remember the long distance prices in the 80s. You're also probably too ignorant to notice how expensive Internet is in Canada and how they are the exclusive reason.

The CRTC is honestly to blame though, as they allowed Bell to get that big. They turned down this Astral deal claiming it would give them a monopoly but Bell has had a duopoly with Rogers for so long it's a funny notion.

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