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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
It's not our fault Rugby/Cricket aren't in the Olympics.

Cricket/Rugby undoubtedly have greater international market pennetration than handball etc.

I don't find your choice of sports strange simply because you don't play our sports.

Outside of Football and going forward, basketball, there is no Team sport that is universally played everywhere. Most other team sports are much more regional.
Cricket is truly a minority sport. Most countries inc. Denmark who have produced the odd decent cricketer like Ole Mortensen would be thumped by a decent club side in England.

Rugby union is in the Olympics from 2016 and it is no longer an Empire relic either. It is the second most popular team sport across the world and the roots are growing stronger and developing fast in countries aided by Argentina like Chile, Brazil in Africa too and across Asia and indeed in Europe.

Given ice hockey was born here in Scotland it is a shame it hasn't developed to the extent it has given that it is a tremendous thrill ride for spectators.

The reasons have been gone over time and time again. Lack of a coherent focused approach to grow the sport with long term aims and a focused junior programme which makes the sport available to all and provides top class coaching to kids and picks out the best ones.

It can be done. Denmark for instance have shown it can be done. We could do it too but the leadership and desire and conflicting interests will not permit it.

It would be great to see Team GB at the Winter Olympics in this discipline but it's going to be a long time before it happens.

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