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Originally Posted by brs03 View Post
Well, it's a much bigger issue in Jr hockey than it is in the NHL. The age gaps are more meaningful, the players are at a higher risk physically, and the focus is more on development to begin with.

The same climate of worries about fighting doesn't quite exist in the NHL right now. About enforcers as a role? Probably. But otherwise I think the differences in the underlying issues means any rule changes would develop a little differently.
i agree that 16 and 17 year olds dont need to be fighting as a matter of course. i disagree that the nhl isnt concerned about fighting at their level. i think they are serious about head injuries in general terms. i think that nhl players that fight are getting "their bell's rung" at a greater rate than in the past because players that do this with some regularity work on it as professionals do to protect their income.

it used to be that getting hurt in an nhl fight was a freak thing. nowdays these guys work on it and they hit hard. jay beagle's career with very close to done after asham crushed him. aaron asham isnt even a heavy.

how many caps have had concussions from fighting in the last couple of years? beagle, erksine more than once, hendricks at least once. if you fight you get concussed.

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