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10-26-2012, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Haute Couturier View Post
It is not greedy to not want to be in the red just like it's not greedy for the players to want the salary they are owed.
They are owed what is in their contracts, but the contracts are determined by the CBA, which has salary rollback provisions if I'm not mistaken. So, whatever the CBA comes down to is what they are owed.

You can't claim: I'm owed 3.45 million, as a player, if the CBA changes that number to 3.2. Then, that is what you're owed and that is what you'll get paid, as long as the CBA has rollback provisions.

You always have to keep in mind the external constraints of contracts. In this case, it is the CBA that is a determinant.

That said, certainly not all of the owners are in the red. The hardliners like Snider and Jacobs were doing perfectly fine under the old CBA. They are the Scrooge McDuck figures in this.
You do realize that the Flyers are strattling the line right? They made 3.2 million last year over operating costs, 13 the year before (which is great), lost money, then have been hovering around breaking even before that.

3.2 million dollar return on 300 million is a pathetic 1%. Even lousy returns in the market will get you 5% (mutual funds have averaged 12% over the last 50 years and ANYONE can buy them).

That is hardly diving in money vaults.

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