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10-26-2012, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by scelaton View Post
It's kinda funny, but this whole lockout is playing out like a big hockey game, Owners vs PA. The Owners are the fan favourites but there is plenty of passion on both sides--as evidenced by over a thousand posts per day on the "Business of Hockey" threads on the main it is pretty obvious what some hockey fans are doing with their freed-up time.
I do confess to not missing NHL hockey much either. I know it's coming back sooner or later and, in the meantime: we are incubating some great prospects; Scheifele is blossoming in Barrie, where he belongs; Burmi's time in the AHL is a gift that only a lockout could have given; Kane is getting a well-desrved lesson in humility; Bogo's wrist is healing; and with each passing week TNSE's share of the ultimate deal will be bigger.

What, me worry?
I like the potential benefits to the Jets with respect to player development/maturity and will be even happier if it ends up a 'win' for the owners. With due respect to the players, I don't believe the long term future of a hockey franchise in Winnipeg can survive ever escalating salaries, so some sort of 'back-to-earth' alignment of salaries is good for our situation.

But I am sad and frustrated. Last year by this time I'd been to the first preseason game and the home opener. Though our group foolishly held our games draft early, I still haven't missed a game had the season gone forward - that happens this Saturday night when I would have seen the Wings

I also have more than enough to do hauling the kid around to keep busy, so hockey games were really nothing more than finding a little me time with a buddy for some beers, hockey and food. I guess Saturday night I save $200: $100 on the ticket and $100 on the beer/food combo. I do worry a little about the downtown businesses but know for the most part they'll survive. But man, they've gotta be missing that additional hockey income something fierce.

I'd really like to understand what the players think they are going to ultimately get out of this? I truthfully don't understand what leverage they think they have.

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