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10-26-2012, 10:25 AM
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Why are the players fighting over money that will be less than the loses of missed games? Common question. The NHL views CBAs as steps along a path. They'll seek more givebacks next time, a bigger cut and more contractual gains.

Wins today may not balance out immediately, but it will help down the road. The owners are always coming back for more. The players haven't asked for a concession in two CBAs. The league wanted lower UFA age to flood the summer market. More options = lower contracts. Supply and demand. Huge miscalculation. UFAs are a small part. Paydays for RFAs is a bigger issue. That drives all free agent prices. Why aren't owners taking advantage of RFA leverage? Can't pin that on players. That falls on the four pinheads running the negotiating committee. Its like blaming Byufglin for Talon's paperwork blunder.

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