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10-26-2012, 09:26 AM
It's closing time.
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Originally Posted by scelaton View Post
It's kinda funny, but this whole lockout is playing out like a big hockey game, Owners vs PA. The Owners are the fan favourites but there is plenty of passion on both sides--as evidenced by over a thousand posts per day on the "Business of Hockey" threads on the main it is pretty obvious what some hockey fans are doing with their freed-up time.
I do confess to not missing NHL hockey much either. I know it's coming back sooner or later and, in the meantime: we are incubating some great prospects; Scheifele is blossoming in Barrie, where he belongs; Burmi's time in the AHL is a gift that only a lockout could have given; Kane is getting a well-desrved lesson in humility; Bogo's wrist is healing; and with each passing week TNSE's share of the ultimate deal will be bigger.

What, me worry?
Originally Posted by DespoticNewt View Post
Agreed. This lockout is probably the best thing that could happen to the Jets organization for the immediate future.
Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
Sucks for the "me-now" but is awesome for the "me-longterm"...
I still would like my cake and to eat it too though haha
Originally Posted by KingBogo View Post
Nice post. I agree there is a likely benifit for the Jets. However, I do miss hockey...quite a lot really

I am also getting tired of primarily reading and posting on the Business of Hockey board rather than talking about the Jets.

Excellent post scelaton!! There is real value for the list of prospects you mentioned and that is a list of the who's who of our young core, nice the opportunity is not getting wasted.

Newt you are right.........TNSE long term will benefit from a better financial deal for the owners and that benefits me as a long term emotional and financial investor in the brand.

King I miss it too and I think I might have to take the weekend away from the business of hockey thread since the debate is getting somewhat circular without new material.

On a side note back in the spring summer when we were all speculating about how much of the season we might miss and some of our more realistic posters were speculating Christmas, at that time I didn't think that would be so bad and I definatley thought that time would blow by but I must admit the for some reason time seems to be standing still (or maybe that's just me).

From a business perspective I still find the process (pi55ing contest) fascinating but any time they want to wrap it up they have my blessing.

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