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Originally Posted by tourlord View Post
What the heck are you talking about? Petgrave is a smart defender who isn't afraid to take the put and go end to end. I'm pretty sure he won the Memorial Cup with the Attack as well. Oshawa hasn't had a GOOD defense men let alone one that can take the puck and go since Calvin De Haan. Schemitsch is very inconsistent but Petgrave is very good. Uviraw? Really? I went to every Oshawa Generals game on Sunday last year and Uviraw didn't absolutely nothing. I've been watching the Gennies for the past three years and the first season I started attending was Sullentrops first year on D. Over the past THREE seasons Sullentrop has stayed the same. THE SAME. He hasn't improved, and he hasn't gotten worst. Hes stayed the same... I'm just a little curious, have you actually seen these players play a full 60 minutes?
Listen buddy...I am a season ticket holder and have watched the Gens for over 30 years.
I never classified Uvira as anything as it was asked where he was and I responded. My opinion and most in my section of Petgrave is yes he can move the puck but makes dumb decisions more than not. I also stated the to date this year Brown and Sully have been more reliable. Dude it is my opinion and I will state it and don't have to justify to you as I have seen your comments on here and I am pretty sure you don't know very much about the game you just like to hear yourself and pick other people apart. Have fun with that

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