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10-26-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by hohosaregood View Post
So I apparently got into an argument with the guy from "last word on sports" about whether or not the Sharks have any prospect depth. I said that we were pretty deep at defense and in goal and some promising forwards and he said that the cupboards are bare in terms of true talent (I didn't really deny this) and anybody who says that the sharks have any kind of prospect depth is overrating it.

I wasn't really trying to get in an argument, I just wanted to point out that they had more than nothing. I know that the Sharks have an iffy group at best but a lot of them have shown themselves to have potential beyond their draft positions.

I'm not overrating what we have am I?
I don't know who the 'last word on sports' is but saying that the cupboard is bare just tells me that he/they don't really know what they're talking about when it comes to prospects.

The Sharks, as of now, do rank in the bottom 10 when it comes to prospects. That really shouldn't surprise anyone when you consider where they've been drafting.

I'm not sre what constitutes "true talent" but the Sharks don't have a Crosby, Pietrangelo or Stamkos in their system. If by true talent they meant any blue chip prospects - that's mostly true. I still think if Hertl can fix his skating he'll get there though.

The Sharks do have several d-men that could develop into top 4 d-men, they have a couple of goalies who could develop into NHLers as well. They also have a few forwards with top 6 upside and several with top 9 or NHL upside.

It's easier to be accurate when ranking individual prospects but when it comes to people ranking teams "systems", unless someone is watching every single prospect w/i a teams system (preferably live) on a pretty regular basis, the opinion they give you isn't really their own - it's a combo of their viewings, counting stats and likely a lot info/opinions they get from others.

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