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10-26-2012, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by blackbird80 View Post
And all this is related to Sami Vatanen how exactly?
Idk, this is kinda weird to notice that this forum is a bit different than our dear, where both the KGB and Gestapo would be proud of the moderators. On the other hand, who knows who hired them in the first place. It could be, and I'm just suggesting, that when they ran out of work all those germans and russians just came to Finland to run a hockey forum. It's not good business but you get to whip some butts (only virtually though but nobody told them that in the first place).

Be that as it may, I'd love to hear more about how Sami's doing in Norfolk, it seems that he has had a good start for the season.

Are there any streams where you could watch the Norfolk games, or should they be found from different places everytime? First I thought I could've bought the AHL pass but then again, when I noticed from your comments that it might not work that well I thought twice (usually I don't think at all but when it comes to hockey it seems I'm smart son of a b....).

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