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10-26-2012, 11:11 AM
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I know it will never happen..but I would love on the first game back, for the entire building just to booo. The whole time, from start to finish. Voice your displeasure with the way the owners and players essentially dismissed the fans of the game....AGAIN. If we win? cool. Boo. We lose? Lame. Boo harder.

Something, so these people realize how ****ing annoying it is dealing with this **** at the end of every CBA.

As other people have said, I've moved on from hockey this season. If it happens, it happens. And I did that last time as well. But last time i had some sympathy..the game was flailing, it needed growth, it needed change. Now? The game needs nothing but the players actually playing the ******* game, and they won't even do that.

**** both sides. Let them know that.

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