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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
Well I have issue with the whole concussion argument. Now its true what you say that it is a huge factor into why they are looking to curb fighting but what about hitting? Hitting causes TONS of concussions and I would say far more than fighting.

The logical conclusion is to eventually make hockey a non contact sport. It may seem implausible now but take a look...less and less fighting every year and more frowning upon it. Over the last couple years they are regulating hits more and more and even players like Cooke are saying "F it" I just won't hit anymore. We see first hand how it neutered Ovechkin.

Scott Stevens would not last in this league.

If this trend continues, which I fully expect it will, then eventually hitting will be banned too and we'd have field hockey on ice.

Where do you draw the line? Thats the question. This is a slippery slope the NHL is going down.
oh br....whats next? nhl players should play in dresses? the nhl is going to be a non contact sport like the nfl is going to. that doesnt mean the nfl isnt going to put a stop to helmet to chin/helmet hits.

scott stevens would do just fine in the current nhl. the big lindros hit he went straight thru 88's body. the concussion was as much from bouncing his head off the ice when he went down. the kariya hit was late and should have been a suspension then.

stop with the hitting being banned too stuff. do you honestly think the cooke hit on savard should be in the nhl?

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