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Originally Posted by Zajacs Bowl Cut View Post
Matt Cassel succeeded in NE because of his supporting cast. now his team sucks in KC therefore he is failing. sure the system is better, but that does not take away from what Brady has done.
Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
lol Cassel took over the year after their perfect season, they were still loaded. And he did win a division title his first year in KC, it's amazing how fast people forgot that season.

As far as Brady, he's not overrated. He won three Super Bowls with mediocre WR's, then when Billy Boy finally got him weapons, he set records.
That's exactly my point. The supporting cast. The system Brady plays in allows for any QB to succeed. Again, I think Brady is an extraordinary QB, but if you put him on a different team, he wouldn't have nearly as much success.

I usually only argue against Brady when some moron compares him to Manning. The point I usually make is that if you Peyton on the Patriots, he breaks those records even more than Brady did. If you put Brady on the Colts, they'd go from a perennial 12 win to to a perennial 10 win team because of the complexity of the offense. And let's be honest. If you give the Colts the defense that the Pats had, Manning would have 3 Super Bowls just as easily as Brady. The ONE year the Colts had a halfway decent D, the Colts won the Super Bowl.

Just my view, though.

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