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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Here's what I have seen to date.

NHL - We want to reduce the amount of money that teh players are getting by reducing the slice of the pie from 57/43 to an even split of 50/50

NHLPA - What are you offering us to get us to agree to that?

NHL - In addition to the reduction in the slice of the pie, we also want to cap contract terms at 5 years

NHLPA - What are you offering us to get us to agree to that?

NHL - We also want to eliminate the arbitration process, shorten ELC's from three to two years and push out UFA status from 27 years old or 7 years service to 28 years and 8 years of service

So my question to the pro owner crowd is, What IS the NHL offering in any of their proposals in terms of any sort of give-back to induce them to agreeing to a deal?

NHLPA - What are you offering us to get us to agree to that?

So i'll answer you another question...also good for anybody who thinks that:

What the owners can give?

Players got a lot, and i mean a lot of money already.
The got fist-class plane and 4-star hotel paid
They all got top of the class facilities to work-out
They got 100 persons taking care of everything for them
They got guarenteed contract even if they sucked like Gomez
They can have contract with NMC, NTC and no maximum lenght
Some can even force a trade to the teams they want
They got the best medical care in the world paid for them
They got their insurance paid for them
They even got all their equipement needs paid for them
They even keep all the money they make from sponsorship (even if it's HRR)

What can the owners give back to them?

Well, they gave what they could.....ELC bonus don't count on the cap (more money for the players). No more contract bury in the minors or any other league. (that's good for the players).

They can trade unhappy players with bad contract (by allowing money trade). Instead of throwing them out of league (Redden, Souray, Huet)

Do you think having a maximum of 5 years on the contract will help the owners?

Most of the owner gives longer contract to reduce the amount of money given.
Actually now, it will only about the amount given, not the terms.
Not sure it sill help the players.....but it sure won't help the owners.
BUT, it will be good for the league...every teams will have a chance to sign the big UFA available = excitement!

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