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Originally Posted by SmythesMinions View Post
So we've hit the 119 game mark in the OHL and fights are down by 32.1 % as opposed to last year. Now if a player wallpapers another cleanly and has to respond for the clean hit, it will not count against his fight totals. This being said almost 27 per cent of all fights have involved an instigator penalty this season, this would indicate that Branch and the "O" are serious about curtailing this epidemic of answering clean bodychecks. So now we are starting to see that this can be done effectively, so when should the other leagues decide to implement this system and should the AHL and NHL consider to adopt this philosophy?

let's discuss....and please keep it clean and flame ********.
It has been good and bad.The good is that the drop the gloves staged fights are down.I never did like them. The bad is when you have a player who head shots another player.Then as you expect another player for the head shot player's team comes in for the fight which I do respect them for sticking up for his team mate.The bad is he gets the instigator and the player who head shot the player is then exempt from the fight charged against them.The true instigator is the player who caused the head shot,not the player sticking up for his team mate.No head shot,no fight,you throw a head shot,you better expect a fight.Now to change the rule,If a player receives more than a 2 min penalty such as 5min,or game or several games,then yes the player who received the penalty along with the player who stuck up for his team mate,would then BOTH be hit with a fight under the rule.As it is now,the head shot player receives only what is assessed and no fight.

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