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10-26-2012, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Haute Couturier View Post
I do have a problem with the owners like Snider who are asking the players for a salary reduction for no other reason than they want more money. I also don't have a problem with the players asking for more when the owners are dishonest about their revenues. They *are* the league when it is all said and done.
This is my issue. Even if 10-12 teams are REALLY losing money, what's the excuse for the rest of the teams to ask for player cuts? Snider, Dolan, Jacobs, etc don't need to save on player expenses. In fact, the cap is probably keeping their spend lower than it would be naturally

It's clear the real problem is a market revenue imbalance. The richer owners have no ground to stand on asking for player reductions. They should be upping the revenue sharing amount if those markets are going to be sticking around.

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