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10-26-2012, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Greschner4 View Post
All that reductionist and technical stuff may feel good to write and think, but it isn't a realistic evaluation of how negotiations work. The players already had jobs making millions of dollars, so they aren't going to be impressed by being "offered" jobs making millions of dollars -- no matter how many people on a message board think they should be.

In the real world, if the league wants concessions by the players, they need to offer something new in exchange for those concessions. Their failure to do so is an abject failure in creativity and leadership.

I may be missing something minor, but isn't the number of things the owners have offered the players that the players didn't have in the last agreement .... zero? Literally, zero? That isn't negotiating.
Or the players can take their talents to South Beach and do something else if they don't like the the end of the day, the PA doesn't run the league, the owners run the league...the PA has been very short sighted, again...

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