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10-26-2012, 01:35 PM
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Ok, so the players ask, ask mind you, for 13% and that leads to a drastic interpretation of them refusing to link a significant portion of salary to revenue. A $100 is significant to me, but is that how we're going to play it. I guess the players said "take it or leave it", must be why they can't bargain the number.

We can play the word game all day. Make the players out as some unmovable, stubborn mass. If the league is deadset on their proposal, they could have offered a genuine solution to the one player request. For some reason Gary has his head buried in the sand on this issue, Offer a capped escrow, offer a phased cap, offer a reduced escrow exemption. I'm tired of this being a bizarre concept to Gary who studied the NBA CBA so thoroughly. Yeah, the players are difficult. They of course have to agree in principle to the league deal before make whole is "negotiated". Back into a corner, remove leverage and then address "make whole"? Sure thing Mr. 24%.

One day they have to discuss the core issues before they work on the secondary. The next day you have to accept across the board demands on secondary issues before you can work on the number one concern. Moving target.

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