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Originally Posted by ColeJ View Post
your source isn't just plain wrong. i can promise you that much. i also have a source that seems to have been fairly involved much earlier in the process than your source, so reading what you've written actually makes me a little relieved. i was incredibly worried.

i was told a few months ago that they were working on new uniforms and new logos for next season. the stars were very big on the idea of changing the color scheme. the stars were working with the adidas design team, and from what i've heard, the color schemes were basically green/gold, red/gold, red/blue, red/green, green/silver, and navy/silver. my source said that all the navy/silver logos looked strikingly like dallas cowboys logos, and that the stars were HEAVILY favoring them, while adidas was adamantly against it, saying that they worried about possible action by the cowboys against them if they were used by the stars.

the descriptions i've heard were that the primary logo will be an interlocking capital D with a star, while the secondary would likely be a roundel that looks vaguely like a sheriff's badge, only without a distinct western feel (Thank god). the team would also have a wordmark logo that would be used on helmets, print, etc, that looks almost identical to the current primary logo's text, only without the star. just the ST/\RS text, sans star.

every logo was made in every possible color scheme, and tested ad nauseum with the stars heavily favoring the cowboys colors or red.

if you've heard that they likely chose the green/black/gold combination, then i'm incredibly relieved.

it's true, and fairly common knowledge to uniform nerds, that changes do have to be finalized by mid-september of the year before they're unveiled. then they're usually unveiled around draft weekend of the summer before they're worn. so whatever the stars are doing, they've already chosen it. since mid-september, i've been nervous as hell about it, thinking that there are some navy and silver stars logos being printed up somewhere in frisco.

i will say that my source isn't a stars fan, but a professional graphic designer that i know. i won't name names for his sake. he also said that every logo he saw for the stars looked really nice, regardless of color scheme, with the exception of the cowboys colored ones that just looked jarringly like dallas cowboys logos. he said that he thinks fans will like the change, even if they ditch green. i told him that every stars fan i know would rather they just wear blank green practice jerseys than anything that isn't green/black/gold.

he also said that the flames were working on a black alternate jersey with an arched wordmark and front-number that he thought looked awful... and that buffalo is apparently making something black for a third jersey, but he never got to see it, which disappointed him since black isn't even part of their color scheme anymore.
I heard about the STARS sans /\ on the helmets etc. I don't mind that, not really a big deal to me I guess. I would prefer they had an actual star on the helmets though like they use to wear. My friend's friend also has something to do with the graphic side of things.

It scares me as well that they were actually seriously considering a complete color change. Like I said the last I heard (in August) was that they were leaning towards one of the green schemes - but we can only pray to God that they actually went with it. I can't imagine them going off the chart, especially since it has been said they they were listening to the fans and we all know most of the fan base wants green.

Have you guys checked out the star logo on the shield over at I think we could see that somewhere - possibly the alternate symbol.

I believe this is the one I sent to someone high up in the organization - and he loved em. Even forwarded them to Nieuwy; Ralph; and Tom G saying "Hey boys check these out. Pretty awesome"

The original mock was done up by another boardie - RTstars11 - I just did some slight alterations like switched the black helmet to green, took a bit of black out of the unis in favor of green, and added the stars down the side of the pants. I used Paint so kinda crappy so I apologize.

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