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10-26-2012, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by chet1926 View Post
Its so nice to read articles like this one about the lockout. Its a must read, its a Custance article interviewing Buffalo's Ryan Miller. And he basically calls out everyone involved in this BS situation. I actually have never been a Miller fan but he is now gaining some of my respect. If article doesn't prove that Fehr is only out to make money for himself and doesn't give a **** about the players, then I don't know what will.

Here is a link
I think that kind of shows how we view things. To me that article was all about Miller explaining that they are the only ones making concessions after record revenue, and future expansion fees coming that the players won't get a taste of. I don't see much calling out about Fehr, except the ego comment which I saw as more of a general comment that everyone is already thinking.

They gave the moon in the last negotiation. The league had 7 years of record revenue. They got a 10 year $2 billion deal from NBC. It's becoming more clear every day that the league will bing in two new expansion franchises, and probably relocate at least one team, all of which bring in about $100M each that the players don't get a penny of.

And the owners are asking the players to make all the concessions in the deal, that they recently pulled from the table, so now they are posturing like they are going to be asking for more even more. The only thing offered to the players in return for making all the concessions is that they will get a neutral 3rd party arbitrator to handle appeals on discipline, which should have been in place already to be honest.

Feel however you like about what percent you think is fair for the players to take, that is not the way to negotiate. You don't say, I know we've made the most money ever these last seven years, and I know we're not gonna share any of the $300 or so million in relocation fees with you, but this deal just isn't fair to us, you need to give us everything, and we're not gonna offer you any improvements in return. They're a month into the loockout, and the league still hasn't offered anything in return for the players making all the concessions.

How is that a negotiation? None of you guys would make a stand on the principle of not being treated like a complete b*tch? For the second time in a row?

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