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10-26-2012, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
The players simply have no leverage. Every day they fail to come to an agreement, they lose more of their salaries, and that is money that they will never recoup. There are many league owners who regard their NHL franchises are mere cogs in their empires, even bordering on inconsequential in terms of dollars. The Leafs are the poster child for this; while their profits are tops in the NHL by a mile, one of their corporate owners make about half as much pure profit as the entire league earns in REVENUE.

There is literally nothing the NHLPA can do to exert leverage on such owners. Zip, zero, nada, zilch. They cannot "win" this negotiation. The best they can do is limit their "losses" but it seems they're not even interested in that. They're in full-blown Don Quixote mode, tilting at windmills and refighting the battles of the past (and it's not even their own battles they are refighting; they're letting their new head refight his old battles with MLB).

The players are going to lose a lot worse now than if they'd just signed that last NHL offer without changing a single thing in it.
Assuming that you're correct and that they have no leverage, what could their end game possibly be?

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