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10-26-2012, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Flamingo View Post
The last CBA was a compromise that clearly was too stressful on the weaker teams. It's laughable for them to keep bemoaning the last deal as a grand capitulation.

It was a grand capitulation at the time. 54% of HRR and 24% rollback. No one knew what revenues would do as the NHL was the only league to ever lose an entire season. Would sponsors and fans return? Would they get a national TV deal? Everything was up for renewal.

They also changed many rules, so there was a certain amount of risk.

What I take exception to though isn't so much what did eventuate but what Bettman promised would be the result: a level playing field where all 30 franchises had the chance to be financially healthy.

Almost half of the owners around at that time have since cashed out! Two teams were sold twice (TB and ST Louis). Meanwhile, the two wealthiest franchises were sold for record levels, and the second wealthiest NHL owner has put his entertainment business on the block.

Was Bettman's promise delivered?

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