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10-26-2012, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Hamilton Tigers View Post
How do you figure?
the 403 is the only road on that side of town capable of handing any volume of traffic. an accident, or even bad snowy weather, routinely causes traffic chaos in the area because alternate surface roads simply cannot handle that volume. ever try to get off at main from the downhill 403 during an accident? even just during rush hour.

as well, public transit is simply not efficient enough to convince anyone able to afford NHL prices to get on the bus from ancaster, the central mountain, dundas, guelph, kw, camb. they will ALL be driving.

the only worthwhile public transit is, as you indicate, the GO train coming in from oakville, etc. but I would suggest that most folks from that neck of the woods will also similarly decide to drive in, not wait for a train and/or take a bus out after the game to then get back to the train station.

the saving grace is that there is plenty of cheap, close parking right downtown.

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